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All The Things

Easily add whatever you want to learn as things. A thing is the most fundamental unit of your knowledge, a manageable building block.

One-tap add
Automatically enriched
Keep track of learnings
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Connect The Dots

Things can be related to one another hierarchically and better understood.

Multiple relationship types
Many-to-one supported
See the big picture

Play Favorites

With just a tap you can keep certain things, specific knowledge, in focus with ease.

Easy to review
Organized seperately

Automatically reinforce what you learn.

With Study, Brainy Bank will ensure that things you learn remain fresh and are always up-to-date.

Computes unique "Reinforce Factor" for your things.
Public Things are updated in real-time.
Helping you retain more over time.

Calling all night owls.
Dark Mode.

Brainy Bank automatically changes the color scheme to take advantage of new OLED displays for less light straining your eyes in the evening.

Free for all to use.

Optionally support the project ($4.99/mo.) to unlock so much more.

Made by Pete with ❤️  from quarantine.